Selected Publications

"Programming the Finite Element Method", Wiley, 2014Smith, Griffiths and Margetts

ParaFEM is an open source library for parallel finite element analysis that is provided with the text book Smith IM, Griffiths DV and Margetts L, "Programming the Finite Element Method", Wiley, 2014. This is the only engineering text book that introduces the reader to the basic concepts of the finite element method and then takes them on a journey where they learn how to write finite element programs to solve real world problems. Source code and libraries for around 70 example programs are provided. These are introduced step by step, building up the reader's expertise, from 1D and 2D problems that can be run on a desktop computer, to deceptively simple parallel programs that are capable of solving systems with up to a billion equations using tens of thousands of cores. Example miniapps are provided with the ParaFEM library.

The text book and software provide an excellent foundation for teaching and research. The software can be easily customized by the user for particular applications and interfaced with other third party tools and libraries. If you wish to explore the use of the book and the ParaFEM library (for teaching or research), please contact Lee Margetts.

University libraries typically have a mechanism that allows academics to purchase copies of text books for the library to offer on loan. If you are a University student, please talk to your supervisor about this. If you have used ParaFEM in any type of publication and would like to add it to the list here, please contact Lee Margetts. As this website receives many hits from people wanting to know about parallel finite element analysis, listing your publication here may contribute to both impact and citation rate.

Journal Papers

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