Software Sustainability Institute

The Software Sustainability Institute awards software development effort to the ParaFEM project.

" ... Software is not static. New functionality is needed, hardware evolves, staff come and go and sources of funding change. To survive in this volatile environment, software developers must respond to changes and act to ensure that their users get the best from their software." Software Sustainability Institute, 2014.

In the recent Software Sustainability Institute open call, Lee Margetts and Louise Lever applied for collaborative software development and consultancy effort. We are delighted to announce that our proposal was highly ranked and therefore chosen for funding. John Robinson and Steve Crouch at the institute are now working with us on our proposed enhancements to the ParaFEM project.

In the next month or two, we will release a Windows-based demonstration suite of "mini apps" that will enable potential users to quickly evaluate the capabilities of ParaFEM before downloading and installing the full software bundle. Later in the year, we will add a post-installation self testing capability.

Working with the Software Sustainability Institute will ensure that the potential for sustainability of the ParaFEM software is maximised and that the software will benefit a broad community of users.