Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
EPSRC have provided funds for the use of ParaFEM to support research in Materials Science through projects EP/D037867/1 and EP/F055595/1 .
Software Sustainability Institute (SSI)
SSI awarded funding for a collaborative project to develop a Microsoft Windows installer for a demonstration suite of ParaFEM mini apps and implement post-installation automatic testing.
Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
STFC awarded funding for porting and optimisation of ParaFEM on the IBM BlueGene/Q architecture and for the creation of an immersive visualisation demo for dissemination to industrial visitors to the Hartree Centre.
N8 HPC Facility
N8 HPC provided access to their system Polaris for a training course delivered to the UK Fusion Doctoral Training Network.
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
NERC PhD studentship NER/S/A/2006/14033 supported the use of ParaFEM for research into dinosaur trackways.
European Framework Programme 7 (EP7)
Two DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative (DECI-6 ) projects that use ParaFEM have received support through grant RI-222919 .
Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd (NAG)
NAG Ltd have provided software development funding to add enhancements to ParaFEM through the HECToR dCSE mechanism.
Microsoft Research Cambridge Ltd
ParaFEM is being used by a PhD Student funded through a Microsoft-Dorothy Hodgkins Postgraduate Award (DHPA).
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
The Microsoft-DHPA award mentioned above is jointly funded 50/50 by BBSRC and Microsoft .
Simpleware Ltd
Simpleware Ltd have provided consultancy on image based meshing and geometrically complex meshes comprising 100s millions of finite elements.
HECToR is the UK's High End Computing Terascale Resource. ParaFEM is one of the applications named in the HECToR service contract.
European Space Agency (ESA)
ESA have provided PhD funding for studying the thermal and thermo-elastic properties of carbon and metallic foams through project ECC-20741.
Google Code
ParaFEM uses the Google Code platform to manage its software development activities.