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Microstructurally Faithful Modelling of Materials

Project Details

Materials Science
HECToR dCSE Support
In July 2010, the University of Manchester was awarded support through the HECToR distributed computational science and engineering (dCSE) mechanism to further develop the Open Source HPC software ParaFEM. The grant will run from 1 December 2010 until 30 November 2011. The main aim of the project is to provide an interface in ParaFEM that will enable users to define their own models of material behaviour. The interface will be compatible with the Abaqus UMATs that are developed through EPSRC and Industry sponsored research. This planned enhancement to ParaFEM will benefit several academic groups at the Universities of Manchester and Cardiff, the wider HECToR user community and researchers in 30+ countries worldwide who have downloaded the current version of ParaFEM.

Project Team
  • Dr Lee Margetts, RCS/SEAES, University of Manchester, Principal Investigator
  • Dr Paul Mummery, School of Materials, University of Manchester, Co-Investigator
  • Professor Stephane Bordas, School of Engineering, University of Cardiff, Co-Investigator
  • Ms Louise Lever, RCS, University of Manchester, Senior Software Developer
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