Programming the Finite Element Method

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The first version of ParaFEM was published in the PhD Thesis of L. Margetts and then in Chapter 12 of Smith I.M and Griffiths D.V., "Programming the Finite Element Method", 4th Edition, Wiley, 2004. The programs in Chapter 12 only work with hard coded problem types. Current work is in progress to modify all those programs so that they can read in externally generated models. These modified programs will be uploaded to /parafem/src/programs/ed4 as they are completed. The user will still be able to run the book examples. The models can be generated using the simple mesh generating program mg2d which take as input .mg files and output full ParaFEM input decks. Wiley have commissioned a 5th Edition of the book and Lee Margetts will join as a third author. He will be updating Chapter 12 with new example programs for GPUs, Cloud Computing, OpenMP and mixed OpenMP/MPI programming paradigms. These programs are under development and will be placed in the directory /parafem/src/programs/ed5.